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List of things to do immediately AFTER THE WEDDING AND THE HONEYMOON to make them memorable for a lifetime

Preserve the wedding cake – Ask a relative to freeze the first floor of the cake to enjoy with your partner during your first wedding anniversary.

Thank you cards – Review the thank you cards you already had and write the ones that are missing. Visit the mail and send them all together.

Conservation – Bring the wedding dress and veil to a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning and preserving wedding dresses. Buy a nice box to keep when you deliver it.

Change of Last Name – Complete and send all necessary forms to change your maiden name to the married in the Driver’s License, Passport, Social Security, Banks, Credit Cards, etc.

Photos and videos – Make a call to the photography and video companies to see the first tests.

Print – Print the best pictures of the Honeymoon and put them in an album to share with your family friends.

Picture Frames – Buy a pretty closeup for the photograph that best represents the honeymoon and an elegant one and silver for the best wedding photography.

Be happy!