Monthly Archives: February 2016

Planning and Executing an Engagement Function

Last week I went to attend an engagement function. The groom was an old friend of mine who studied with me till my high school, which was almost ten years ago, and we were very close since our childhood and till high school. And after that we both set apart to choose our career and traveled in different directions and one day he rang up to my mobile and it seemed he got my number from a social networking site. It was a big surprise for me that he remembered me and called me for his engagement function and when he told me the name of his ?to be? wife, it was much more surprising because she was our class mate in high school and they both were in love since then. I was amazed that they not only deeply loved each other and their love seemed eternal and unchanged. When I saw them, again in the engagement function I was delighted to see they both loved each other in the same way ten years ago. And what that grasped the attraction of everyone was their engagement ring, immediately after it was worn by the bride, people started telling him that it was very beautiful and also started to ask him about where he had bought it. Later I came to know about it by personally asking him about it and he said he bought it from the online engagement ring store which custom designs best engagement rings and also recommended me to buy one for my engagement from there.